How prepared are you for retirement? Financial experts agree that you’ll need 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income to maintain a comfortable retirement. Social Security and a a company pension can help but for many people retirement income comes from personal savings.

Annuities have two major advantages for helping build financial security:

  • Your earnings accumulate on an income tax-deferred basis, so your retirement fund grows faster. *
  • You choose from a variety of payout options, including a secure and steady income stream that you cannot outlive. *

Let Integrity help you build a better retirement with tax-deferred saving now and lifetime income later. Annuities can offer competitive interest rates and withdrawal privileges.

  • Deferred annuities — tax deferral speeds the growth of your money*Immediate Annuities — if you wish to convert accumulated wealth into a guaranteed income that begins right away*
    • Flexible premium annuities – you can add money to your annuity at any time
    • Single premium annuities – if you are looking for a secure option for investing a lump sum
  • Equity-indexed annuities – combine the safety of a fixed interest rate with the performance of the stock market*
  • Variable Annuities – Plan for retirement with a wide range of investment options, professional portfolio management, a tax deferral, income options and death benefits. Variable annuities have potential to keep up with and even out pace inflation.*
  • Annuities can be used to fund IRAs, including the popular Roth IRA. You can also transfer or rollover an existing annuity, 401(k), 403(b) or pension plan into a annuity.*

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* Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability and principal strength of the annuity issuer.